Puppy Package

- frequent potty breaks = less mess for pet parent 

- reinforce crate training

- for light exercise & stimulation which will help promote rest when returned to crate

It's all about establishing a routine!

Senior Petizen

- midday potty break = less stress for your senior dog and less mess for you to come home to 

- administer medications as instructed

- frequent check-ins to provide TLC and promote comfort

Patience and a little extra love can go a long way!

All Dogs

While you are away during the day, dog walking could be helping in so many ways including:

- drains energy and creates a routine which helps to reduce anxiety and promote relaxation 

- gives your pup something to look forward to while alone during the day

- reinforces any training that you and your dog are currently working on (simple commands, leash walking, etc)

- provides companionship when you cannot be there

- provides socialization which makes for a happy and healthy pet

- eliminates boredom which can lead to negative behavior (barking, chewing, etc) 

- allows for more frequent potty breaks

- promotes weight control & increased exercise which has many health benefits

- allows pet parent more flexibility

         *can stay late at the office

         *can attend after work social gatherings

         *can run errands after work

         *less guilt & a peace of mind

Bring on the fresh air and all the smells on that dog walk!

In Home Pet Care vs Kennels

PROS of In Home Pet Sitting include:

-pets remain in the safest environment

-ability to maintain regular routine (diet, exercise, etc)

-less stress as pet is surrounded by familiarity

-1:1 attention provided by pet sitter

-ability to seek medical treatment for your pet when needed (make a vet visit, administer meds, etc)

-no traveling required to and from a boarding facility

-less exposure to contagious illness

-cats, especially, do not do well with change and would greatly benefit from remaining in their own environment

-provides extra security of the home  

A Lola & Company professional pet sitter ...

-is dependable

-is invested in you and your pets 100% 

-becomes part of the family 

-provides individualized care 

-provides continuity of care for your pet

-is prepared for an emergency

-has a back up plan

-provides daily updates 

-eliminates the need to impose on family, friends or neighbors 

Consider if having a pet sitter is a better option for your pet next time you go on vacation and are unable to have them tag along!

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How can your dog benefit from having a regular dog walker? How can your pets benefit from having a pet sitter when you are away on vacation? Check out all the ways!